Satisfied employees are productive employees.

At CentraState, we get that.

Our professional staff are crucially important to the success of our mission. Keeping our professional employees satisfied goes well beyond salary. As the third largest employer in Monmouth County, we offer an outstanding benefit package, that includes a wellness program, tuition assistance, career advancement opportunities and much more.

Hear it right from an employee:

“I am continuously blown away by how truly wonderful the organization is. The transparency, ethics, and earnestness of our leadership is truly commendable and is something I’ve never seen before in a company of this size. It makes my job as a recruiter so much easier to be able to talk to candidates about how great the company culture is and truly mean it. Our hiring managers always have our patients’ and employees’ best interest at heart, and leadership is always looking for ways we can improve in the areas of patient care, employee satisfaction, and technology.” -Talent Acquisition Specialist 

These verified Glassdoor reviews from actual employees are some of the best in the industry too!

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