RN Residency Program

The RN Residency program supports you as a newly hired graduate during your transition from classroom and clinical to your first work experience. This six to nine month program offers great flexibility in meeting your individual needs. It is a time for continued learning, as well as an opportunity to develop the confidence and comfort to work independently in the hospital setting.

This post hire residency is designed and facilitated by CentraState’s Professional Development and Education Department with the goals of:

  • Building on your clinical skills and helping you develop the technical skills needed;
  • Developing your critical thinking skills;
  • Equipping you with effective delegation and organizational skills; and
  • Providing strong mentorship.

As an RN Resident, you will initially receive a comprehensive orientation, including a thorough review of policies and procedures, instruction in new technical skills, and experience in a Med/Surg rotation.

You will then be paired with a trained and experienced preceptor on your unit and given a gradual increase in responsibility over time. You will also receive off-unit experiences with the IV Team and Respiratory Therapy Department.

Upon completion of CentraState’s Residency program, RNs are asked to make a two-year employment commitment. Interested? Email Kari Prager at Kprager@Centrastate.com.