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Employee satisfaction is so much more than a great salary.

At CentraState, we get that.

We separate ourselves from other companies with our unwavering dedication to flexibility, comfort and wellness for our management staff. Employee appreciation is not a buzzword. It’s something we strive for every day, year around. As the third largest employer in Monmouth County, we offer an outstanding benefit package, that includes a wellness program, tuition assistance, career advancement opportunities and much more.

Hear it right from an employee:

“What I have observed in a very short time is that employees are actually appreciated. I’ve worked in health care for a while, the facility issues are basically the same no matter where you go. But the huge difference is the support you do or do not receive. My Current team supports one another and my administrators actually care about what their employees think and how they feel. I look forward to many many years with my new Centrastate family.” -Social Services Director 

These verified Glassdoor reviews from actual employees are some of the best in the industry too!

Management Jobs

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